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My name is Hannah VanGilder, and I am originally from Korea.

I am STOTT certified instructor with Total Barre certification.

Having experience working in both S.Korea and the U.S, I am able to connect the needs and wants of both cultures.

I never saw myself as a pilates instructor, having majored in International Business - however, once I was introduced to pilates, I found myself feeling stronger, more flexible, and finding the love for my self and body again.

Having begun my professional career as an office worker in a trading company, I faced many obstacles and challenges on my way to becoming an instructor. However, I overcame fear and doubt, and committed myself to a healthy future.

Thankfully due to pilates, I went through a healthy pregnancy and am now I thriving in my postpartum pilates journey. Through my own experiences, I want to help those of people who are seeking healthy lives and happy motherhood.

Let's take the next step together

and be the BEST version of ourselves!

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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